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It All Starts With Campaign Optimization

Maximize the lifespan of every email you create, generating more clicks and revenue from each asset. Our machine learning software leverages your transactional data to align your email marketing calendar around your unique sales goals. We discover the most impactful email schedule for each individual audience, ensuring that everyone receives the most engaging messages at the most ideal moments. And we learn from each interaction automatically, tightening our tactics to lift revenue and engagement.

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Personal Shopper

The more engaged your customers feel, the more money they spend. That’s why our machine learning campaigns keep every customer motivated to explore the products you want them to see – whether that’s new arrivals, under-exposed products or any other category you select. Our software learns how to guide each audience to your most crucial categories, in ways that feel relevant to them.

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Frequency Optimization

Discover the perfect email cadence for each customer, for every product category. Different customers have different appetites – and those appetites change over time. We match the frequency and timing of emails to each customer’s changing tastes to ensure your content always stands out, and high-value customers stay engaged over the long term.

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Every customer loves special promotions, but they often desire to see them at different times. We maximize your margins by treating each customer as the unique individual shopper they are. We only offer promotions to each customer at the times they’ll be most responsive to special offers, while targeting other audiences with emails aligned to their own tastes.

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Easy Integration

We integrate seamlessly with your email service provider. You’ll never need to run a special application or manually transfer any data. We simply plug into your existing systems and take it from there.

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