How Do Your Email Campaigns Stack Up?

Make Engagement Click

Machine learning campaigns that drive revenue today and learn for tomorrow.

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The Future of the Email Marketing Calendar

Customer-focused email calendars

Create a data-driven email marketing calendar to cross-sell existing customers, build engagement with new ones and drive impact in the product categories that matter most. We approach campaign planning with data-driven strategies designed around your audiences’ actual behavior.

How It Works

Analytics that recognize great ideas

Know which emails will generate more revenue before you even design them. We take the guesswork out of email campaign success by using your customer data to predict the effectiveness of every email idea – so you know it’ll work before you ever hit the “send” button.

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Campaign Optimization

Emails that generate more revenue

Get more clicks from each creative asset in your arsenal. Our Content Library makes it easy to create, test, analyze and execute email campaigns. Extend the lifespan of every piece of content, and maximize the revenue each asset brings in.

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Targeting that learns from real interactions

Understand what sequence of personalized emails will increase clicks and reduce unsubscribes. Our self-optimizing data-driven tactics learn from every customer interaction, serving up tailored content that engages every audience.

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Revenue that keeps growing

Connect with every customer on your list and raise your margins today. Our smart technology delivers personalized email campaigns tailored to your goals and audience’s desires that grow engagement and revenue over time.

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