Case Studies

[CASE STUDY]: How To Make $70,000+ USD With 5 Key Email Marketing Strategies For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

So to help you make the most out of BFCM this year – and really boost your sales – we’re breaking down the Top 5 Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategies that went into making over $70,000 USD in sales.

How To Earn $245,000+ in 8 months with Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails see more than 4x the open rate & 5x the click through-rate of other email campaigns.

How To Earn $350,000 in 5 Months with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing

This email teardown focuses on how a party supplies business, an industry well known for its seasonal variation, was able to use abandoned cart emails to reclaim $350,000 over 5 months.

How To Drive Repeat Sales: Getting Customers To Buy More (With Real Email Examples)

In this Email Teardown, we’ll see How To Drive Repeat Sales by Engaging with “Idle Customers” and Getting Them to Buy More.

How To Make $24,496 in One Month Using Rare.io

ecommerce How To Make $24,4906 in 30 Days With Rare.io Written by Franco Varriano. “More than 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns rather than the one-size-fits-all way of thinking” Tweet 1. Overview Many growing online stores are mastering social media marketing and building communities, yet they’re forgetting one of the core marketing […]

E-Commerce Tips

How To Do Opt-In Email Marketing The Right Way (Examples Included)

We’ll break down how to get people to opt-in to your email list in a way that complies with all applicable laws, plus key tactics you can implement to boost sign-ups and quickly grow your email list.

Increase Your Clickthrough Rates With These 13 Happy Birthday Email Examples

ecommerce Increase Your Clickthrough Rates With These 13 Happy Birthday Email Examples Written by Franco Varriano. What time of the year do you think it’s best to send a promotional email to your email list? What date do you think they are most open to an offer, to a marketing message from you? Black Friday? […]

11+ Genius Confirmation Email Examples Which Make More Sales

Order confirmation emails are a great way to build trust, show off your brand, and make more money.

The No-Nonsense, 6-Step Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing

In this post, we’re going to use real email campaigns from J.Crew to show you six qualities that make ecommerce email marketing successful.

10 Steps to a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Whether you are putting together an email marketing strategy for the first time or optimizing an existing campaign

Marketing Chats

How this design firm from Mirabel is helping small businesses sell online

Marketing Chat How This Design Firm Is Helping Small Businesses Sell Online Written by Franco Varriano. “Focus on simplicity for your store, listen to your market, customers want to buy your products, so you need to make it easy for them to do so.” Genevieve Henault, Solution Intelligente Tweet 1. Overview We’re pleased to have […]

Marketing Chat with Chris Pointer

Marketing Chat Marketing Chat With Chris Pointer Written by Franco Varriano. 1. Overview We’re really happy to have Chris Pointer, founder and Creative Director of Pointer Creative, one of Shopify’s first and top ranked Shopify Plus Experts on this week’s Marketing Chat. For those of you who watched the Denver Broncos win the Superbowl earlier […]

Marketing Chat with Jonathan Kennedy

Marketing Chat Interview with Jonathan Kennedy Written by Franco Varriano. 1. Overview We’re really happy to have Jonathan Kennedy as this week’s Marketing Chat guest. Aside from managing the Shopify Entrepreneur community, Jonathan is also owner of Heycarson, a web studio for new Shopify store owners around the world with concierge services focused on helping […]

Marketing Chat with James Corr

Marketing Chat InterviewWith James Corr Written by Franco Varriano. 1. Overview We are happy to have James Corr from Only Growth on this week’s Marketing Chat. Only Growth is a Shopify Plus Partner that helps online stores grow via SEO, Email marketing, and Online advertising. Today’s topic is growth. 2. The Interview Ned: Thank you […]

Marketing Chat with Rob Lane

Marketing Chat InterviewWith Rob Lane Written by Franco Varriano. 1. Overview We have a special marketing chat this week with Rare.io’s own Rob Lane. As the CEO of Rare.io, Rob is well suited to talk about email marketing best practices and provide an in depth description of Rare.io’s predictive email marketing solution for ecommerce. This […]

Marketing Chat with Craig Cherlet

Marketing Chat InterviewWith Craig Cherlet Written by Franco Varriano. 1. Overview Last week’s Marketing Chat with Around.io was a great success.  We talked about social media tactic for ecommerce and gave actionable tips on how to leverage social media platform to grow your business.  This week’s guest is Craig Cherlet from Marketing Stream, an on-demand […]


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