How Do Your Email Campaigns Stack Up Against Top Retailers?

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Our Retail Email Grader will score the effectiveness of your email program compared to your peers and competitors. Based on our assessment of 100 top retailers, your custom report will answer:

  • Where are your emails hitting the mark or falling behind?
  • Are you sending too little or too many emails?
  • Are you optimizing your subject lines and email content?

The average retailer scores 49.5. 

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Your score is based on 4 key factors:

Purchaser Experience

The Purchaser Experience explores the types of emails that new customers are receiving in comparison to other email subscribers who have not purchased.

The retailers doing it best are…

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Email Frequency

Email Frequency is all about balancing the need to engage with your audience and drive sales vs. abusing your email list and driving customers away.

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Email Content

Email Content is the harmony of email length, the subject line and creative, to the discounts and promotions within – email content is king for a reason.

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Catalog Exposure

Catalog Exposure is the ability to turn a subscriber into an engaged shopper by identifying the topics or categories that are most relevant and interesting to them.

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