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Email Campaign Grader

Since issuing our newest study, “2018 Email Marketing Study: How 100 of the Top Retailers Engage Shoppers in the First 45 Days and Beyond,” there has been a lot of great discussion about how effective retailers’ email campaigns really are. Between this report and the RSR Email Effectiveness Study, retailers can use our findings to gain visibility into how their peers are performing and begin refining their own email marketing practices such as email frequency, email optimization techniques and catalog exposure. With 85 percent of U.S. retailers considering email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics, it behooves them to make sure their emails are as optimized as they can be to maximize ROI.

Below are some of the highlights from the discussions surrounding our report:

Many Retailers’ Personalization Focus Is Blurry at Best (eMarketer)

The study is another indication that while personalization is a top priority among retailers, not all tactics have been adopted uniformly.

Stores ‘bludgeon’ their customers ‘to death’ with emails — and it’s a horrible mistake (Business Insider)

Much of this could be avoided if retailers looked at the content of their emails and better tailored it to customers. For example, Levi’s sends different emails to customers who purchased from them in the last 45 days and those who didn’t 90% of the time.

This 1 Simple Email Strategy Helped Wayfair Become a 4.7 Billion Dollar Company (Inc.)

If you’re planning to click send on an email marketing campaign, first take note of some lessons from brands that are doing it right (and the ones that aren’t quite nailing it).

Email Hit Parade: The Top Retailers, As Ranked By Coherent Path (MediaPost)

The undisputed champion of retail email is Wayfair, the home goods ecommerce firm. It is No. 1 in a new study by Coherent Path: How 100 Of The Top Retailers Engage Shoppers In the First 45 Days and Beyond.

Not that it has much competition: Many retailers are sending too many emails, failing to optimize them for mobile and falling short on personalization, partly because they are not making the best use of their data…

Want to get a look at the report and join the discussion? Download a free copy of our 2018 Email Marketing Study at https://coherentpath.com/retail-email-marketing-study-2018/. Then see how your campaign stacks up against the competition by getting your grade: https://coherentpath.com/get-your-grade/.

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