The Illusion of Segmentation

Segmentation has been shown to increase email marketing KPIs. But does it actually? Or rather, does segmentation simply remove those people who […]

Why Retailers Miss Out During the Holidays (Even When They’re Crushing It)

Although retailers attract tons of customers over the holidays, they often don’t do so well to retain and engage these customers into the new year. Much of this can be explained by the peculiar way shoppers behave at this time of year and how retailers react to such behavior.

During the holidays, people tend to buy gifts for other people rather than make purchases for themselves. What they buy during this period, therefore, doesn’t reflect their behavior during the rest of the year. If retailers want to resonate with customers year round, they must put holiday shopping into the context of customers’ year round behavior.

How to Kill Your Addiction to Discount-Driven Email Marketing

Everybody loves a deal, which is part of the reason why email marketers offer them so often. And discounts can indeed boost key metrics, at least in the short term. An Experian study, for instance, found that email campaigns that offered coupons had a 14% higher unique open rate, 34% higher unique click rate and produced a 27% lift. Moreover, as a marketer, your performance is often being judged according to these metrics. It’s not hard then to see why many turn to discounts.

Guest Post: How New Tech Empowers You to Delight and Retain Your Audience

How do you establish and grow durable relationships with your customers? Over the last few years, many brands — especially in the hypercompetitive world of e-commerce — have sought to answer this question through free, value-added content. This has been effective, but such methods are limited by the extent to which brands know their audience. Fortunately for marketers, new technologies are now emerging that enable one to know their audience on a much more personal and actionable level than was previously possible.

The Trouble with Email Subject Line “Best Practices”

Too often, marketers become frustrated trying to come up with subject lines that will communicate their offer so compellingly that subscribers just can’t help but open the email. No wonder then that there are thousands of articles out there offering advice for crafting the perfect subject line.

But how many of these articles provide insights that are new to seasoned marketers and give you a real edge over the competition? From subject line length to wording, there are many (often conflicting) views on this topic. For instance, could subject line length affect open rates?

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