Personalization that drives revenue and engagement without sacrificing lifetime customer value

Increase engagement and drive 20% more revenue from every marketing campaign

Reduce churn by introducing customers to the products that inspire loyalty

Ensure the right customers receive the right message with journey-informed segmentation

Personalize every shopping experience, across any channel, with your existing infrastructure

Guide Customers to the Products That Inspire Loyalty

Personalize every channel with the offers and content that drive trust, loyalty and revenue

Align customer engagement with the trajectory of each unique customer journey

Surprise and delight customers by moving beyond 'you may also like' recommendations

Understand and Optimize Each Customer’s Journey

For decades, retailers have mined data to better serve their customers and to compete for new ones. Nevertheless, most promotional efforts are still focused on the next step, the next sale – especially when it comes to product recommendations. Coherent Path can help you do better.


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