Get Answers to the Questions that Move the Needle on Loyalty

How “far away” are my customers from being loyal this month vs. last?

How can I expose customers to a new product category at the right pace, over time?

What should I offer my customers to maximize their lifetime value?

How can I best drive in-store traffic this holiday season?

Guide Customers, Over Time, to the Products that will Inspire their Loyalty

Understand the trajectory and speed of each unique customer journey

Personalize customer experiences across all touch points.

Identify products that drive loyalty and lifetime value

Understand Your Customers’ Journey  and Optimize for the Long Term

For decades, retailers have mined data to better serve their customers and to compete for new ones. Nevertheless, most promotional efforts are still focused on the next step, the next sale – especially when it comes to product recommendations. Coherent Path can help you do better.

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