TRADER-Coherent Path Partnership Featured in Yahoo! Finance

TRADER Corporation (also known as autoTrader) was recently featured in Yahoo! Finance for its exclusive partnership with data-science pioneer Coherent Path, which is applying predictive analytics and customer journey insights to drive value for TRADER dealers, advertisers and consumers.

Characterized by indecision and the exploration of numerous makes and models, the car buying journey is complex. Coherent Path identifies where each customer is in his or her journey to deliver better ad performance for the company.

40% Better Ad Performance

Coherent Path’s customer journey insights allow the advertise to put the right ad in front of the consumer at the right point in their journey to influence their buying decision. This has produced 40% better ad performance in initial runs.

“ sits atop an incredible asset – a digital record of most of the car buying journeys in Canada ,” said James Glover , Chief Executive Officer at Coherent Path. “We’re proud to partner with TRADER to turn that asset into significant value for its customers and for the end consumers.”

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