Top 100 Retailers Email Marketing Study

62% of Retailers Aren't Sending Relevant Emails, Learn How to Avoid the Same Mistakes

Retail Email Marketing Study 2018 | Download | Coherent Path

We evaluated the email programs of 100 top retailers to understand how they are treating their new customers compared to their other email subscribers.

We explored the amount of email personalization being offered to new purchasers vs. non-purchasers, and found that 62% of the time retailers send the exact same email on the same day to the purchaser and non-purchaser.

Download the study to find more insights into the top retailer’s email programs.

What you’ll learn:

  • How retailers are personalizing emails to their new customers.
  • The email optimization techniques used by top retailers.
  • The amount of emails retailers are sending to their email subscribers.
  • Which retailers and verticals are outperforming others.