Discover the Patterns Behind Successful Email Campaigns [ebook]

Successful Email Campaigns Ebook

Remember the last time you picked up on a pattern in somebody’s behavior? Maybe you realized that a certain colleague is always late — or that a romantic partner loves a certain kind of gift. Recognizing patterns like these can give you insight not only into the people in whom you notice them, but into all your other relationships, too.

Our desire to understand the world’s patterns is one of our greatest inspirations for sharing stories — one of those timeless traits that unites all people, everywhere. Of course, we marketers are no exception. We love swapping tales of successful sales, brilliant campaign strategies — and insights derived from seemingly unrelated areas of life.

These are exactly the kinds of stories you’ll find in our new ebook, “Adventures in Email Marketing: Discovering Customer Focused Strategies in Five Real-World Stories.” It brings together five simple tales — each with a memorable message about what makes a campaign click.

This book works on the level above most marketing manuals.

How? Instead of telling you why previous marketing campaigns have succeeded or failed, the stories in this book examine some key behavior patterns that reappear again and again throughout our lives — in places we might not expect them to. Patterns that recur in our romantic relationships, in the hobbies we pursue, and in the diets we try to stick to, have a surprising way of popping up in our responses to marketing, too.

For example, think about the last time you felt frustrated by a new diet. Maybe the book guaranteed that its system could work for anyone — but its “one-size-fits-all” rules turned out to be a terrible fit for your lifestyle and tastes. You might’ve found yourself thinking, If this author understood why I like to eat my favorite foods, I’d stand a much better chance of sticking to this diet!

What was the missing ingredient in that situation? We could call it empathy, or understanding — or simply insight. In the same way, marketers need insight to make a sale and build loyalty: insight into who their customers are, what they aspire to, and where they’re headed next.

And while some insights can come from customer data, a higher class of insights can come by applying lessons from everyday life. Those are the kinds of insights you’ll find in “Adventures in Email Marketing.”

There’s no universal marketing formula — but this book will help you see the patterns.

Every human relationship offers insights about how people interact — including how you interact with your subscribers. By pointing out certain patterns we all encounter in own lives, the stories in this book shine a spotlight on the reasons why some customers buy, some click away, and others unsubscribe.

Instead of telling you how to replicate tactics that have worked for other brands, this book is designed to help you take a step back from the mechanics and get a clearer picture of your own brand’s fundamental goals: to surprise and delight your customers, to cultivate long-term loyalty, and to guide shoppers toward new products and categories in ways that feel natural and personal.

Adventures in Email Marketing: Discovering Customer Focused Strategies in Five Real-World Stories” will help you see what shapes those goals should take in your own campaign. It’s packed with practical tips for viewing your emails through the customer’s lens, and taking actionable insights from every interaction with your subscribers — so that the right metrics, cadences, and journeys fall into place all on their own.

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