How We Gave a Fortune 500 Retailer an $8.4 Million Revenue Boost

A long-time customer of ours came to us with a challenge. This well-known apparel retailer wanted to expand their business by reaching a younger demographic via targeted emails.

As we began to analyze this company’s customer and product data, though, we saw that there was even more opportunity to increase engagement and revenue.  Many of the retailer’s email campaign topics weren’t optimized around specific audiences at all – and meanwhile, many of their most high-value product categories weren’t being cross-sold in their campaigns.

Pinpointing audiences, topics and matches

In order to reach a younger demographic and cross-sell these high-value products, we realized our software would need to identify ideal campaign topics, pinpoint the right audiences for each topic, and target the younger demographic with emails that cross-sold and up-sold the items that’d be most relevant to them.

That kind of segment-specific targeting is exactly what our Campaign Optimization solution specializes in.

A quick implementation of our deep learning software analyzed customer data to identify specific products and categories that would engage younger audiences, along with sequences of offers that would generate maximum engagement over time. These customer data insights enabled our optimization platform to pinpoint high-value products and categories that were missing or underexposed in the retailer’s existing campaigns.

We worked with the retailer to add a variety of emails featuring these offerings to the Campaign Optimization Content Library, an ever-growing library of content from which our platform chooses when targeting each individual customer. Our software then compared a wide range of customer data points against all emails in the Content Library, pinpointing a series of ideal matches between each email message and its target audience.

The immediate results of smart outreach
After this quick automated run-through of customer and product data, we were ready to start reaching customers with targeted, relevant email messages. We made sure every email was optimized around the client’s specific business objectives of building engagement with the younger demographic and increasing their lifetime value – and then we sent off the first round.

The retailer’s revenue and engagement both jumped immediately. But our software continued to learn from every customer interaction, fine-tuning campaigns to further raise revenue and strengthen loyalty over time – achieving:

A 5.6% revenue lift among younger demographic
An 18% engagement lift among younger demographic
An $8.4 million revenue increase attributable to email

After experiencing remarkable success with their initiative to increase engagement and revenue in the younger demographic, this retailer has decided to stick with our self-optimizing campaign solution. They’re now onboarding our Frequency Optimization module, which discovers the ideal timing and density of emails to send each customer, in order to determine shopping frequency, and to convert even more one-time shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

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