Sell more at full price. Target promotions where they’ll click.

Connect with every individual customer and boost revenue today with email schedules that only offer promotions when they will actually be engaging.


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The Future of the Email Marketing Calendar


More full-price sales

Not every customer wants to see promotional emails. Our solutions target each individual customer with the products and offers they’ll respond to.

Fewer promotions

Cut down on the promotions you send, while selling more items at regular price – all while strengthening loyalty by showing customers what they want to see.


Unique Offers

Our software treats each customer as unique, tailoring every email to guide them to products that will resonate with them and cross-selling in your highest-value categories.

Stronger Engagement

Some customers don’t engage with every promotion, but will be excited when they see an email about new arrivals. Boost your loyalty and revenue by reaching each customer with only the messages they’ll respond to.


Easy Integration

Our Promotions module seamlessly sits on top of our Campaign Optimization software. We simply plug into your existing systems and our smart algorithms go to work instantly.

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