Personalized recommendations for every unique customer

Draw attention to products and categories that match your business goals. Feature new products, showcase under-exposed categories, or focus on any other target you choose. Our software creates personalized email campaigns for every customer, driving revenue in the categories you choose.


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The Future of the Email Marketing Calendar


Emails dedicated to showcasing your products

Once our Campaign Optimization software has analyzed your data, our Personal Shopper feature delivers targeted emails designed to draw attention to any categories you choose.

Unique, tailored messages

Every email is completely tailored to the individual customer’s needs, interests and tastes – from the subject line to the products included – without any distracting extra messages.


Customizable, personalized templates

Ensure each customer sees exactly the content that will generate engagement – and nothing else – with individual templates that can be customized to your needs.

Targeting built on your objectives

Set up custom targeting to help shoppers discover new items, explore under-exposed categories, or meet any other business objective. We build engagement around each customer’s unique interests.


Easy Integration

Our Personal Shopper module sits seamlessly on top of our Campaign Optimization software. We simply plug into your existing systems and our smart algorithms go to work instantly.

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