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Fortune 500 retailers trust us to deliver the right emails, at the right times, to the right audiences – creating increased revenue, driving engagement with their most high-value categories, and building strong, lasting relationships with every customer.

Here’s what our clients are saying

We pride ourselves on the progress we’ve made to date in personalization but always strive to get faster and more accurate. With Coherent Path’s “active learning” algorithm it enables us to dynamically respond to changes in customer behavior in a way that is both faster and more accurate than our previous methods.Jeff Rosenfeld, VP of Customer Insights and Analytics at Neiman Marcus
It’s fascinating to understand how I might engage with a customer over time, to give them the best experience possible.VP of Marketing, Top 25 North American Retailer
Coherent Path allows us to better understand each customer’s needs and interests and to deliver personalized offers and experiences that resonate and build trust. As a result, we see increased customer engagement and revenue from Coherent Path-guided campaignsSteve Brown, Chief Operating Officer of SkinStore.com
Everyone’s talking about personalization. Coherent Path is the only company I know that is delivering the ability to map the customer journey and optimize engagement around long term objectives.Email Marketing Manager, Top 25 North American Retailer