Neiman Marcus Featured in Internet Retailer for Partnership with Coherent Path

Neiman Marcus was recently featured in Internet Retailer for its partnership with Coherent Path. The legendary retailer is using Coherent Path to drive engagement and revenue by delivering a personal shopping experience through the email channel similar to that of the company’s famous in-store service.

Neiman Marcus gets personal with online shoppers

Coherent Path is helping Neiman Marcus to:

– Use data to tailor outreach around customer preferences.

– Identify optimal complementary products to go along with emails after a shopper abandons her cart, such as a pair of shoes to go along with a dress.

– Determine the most relevant, compelling content to feature in individual customers’ emails–for example, discerning whether a new Gucci dress will be more or less relevant to a particular customer than a new pair of ballet shoes.

These abilities are empowering Neiman Marcus to drive revenue and stand out in the customer’s inbox. As pointed out in the article, standing out in the customer’s inbox is crucial since the number of emails customers receive keeps rising each year. For example, in Q2 2016, retailers sent 14.6% more emails than they did during Q2 2015, according to the Experian Marketing Services Quarterly Email Benchmark report Q2.

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