Increase Near-Term and Long-Term Revenue with Machine Learning Email Optimization

Advanced email automation utilizing machine learning is generating dramatic results for large companies —find out how one Fortune 500 company increased its email revenue by $8.4 million in our case study

Fortune 500 companies are using our advanced email optimization software to connect better with their customers, boost trust and engagement, and increase both near-term revenue and long-term growth.

Take the guesswork out of your email calendar by learning exactly which content will resonate with each individual customer and when, so you can promote the right areas of your catalogue at the right time.

Download our case study to find out how companies like yours are significantly increasing their revenue and generating long-term growth through smarter email optimization.

  • achieved an $8.4 million email revenue boost with self-optimizing email campaigns
  • saw a 5.6% revenue lift for the younger demographic
  • enjoyed an 18% overall engagement lift over a short campaign
  • continues to use targeted outreach to drive revenue

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Engage with Every Customer by Delivering the Optimal Email Diet

At Coherent Path, we use data-driven strategies to revolutionize the way you plan your email marketing calendar.

Too many retailers expose customers to areas of their catalogues based on merchandising goals while ignoring what the customers actually want to see. We take a customer-centric approach by using advanced hyperbolic geometry and product theme selection to expose customers to products that they are more likely to be interested in based on their evolving preferences.

In doing this, we are providing customers with a ‘personal shopper’ experience by pinpointing the exact items that shoppers are more likely to be interested in. By feeding them the perfect email content ‘diet’ aligned to their unique tastes and preferences, we encourage them to purchase from other areas of your catalogue that they might not have discovered on their own.

Not only does this help you to put more products in front of the right audiences, but it also delights customers by delivering highly personalized emails within the larger context of their journeys, resulting in more engaged shoppers with an increased lifetime value.

  • Increase cross-selling and ensure high-value customers stay engaged by delivering exactly what each customer wants to see
  • Increase the lifetime value of each customer by paying attention to their evolving preferences
  • Expose more of your product catalogue to your customers, generating near-term sales and improving the long-term impact of each message
  • Get a deeper understanding of each individual shopper and their journey so you can provide content that inspires greater loyalty


Our Enterprise Customers Are Increasing Their Revenue with Our Software

  • Retailer A

    2.3% overall

    revenue lift

  • Retailer B

    $325,000 revenue

    increase in first month

  • Retailer C

    10% increase in

    email revenue

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Email Calendar

Don’t rely on guesswork and intuition when creating your email calendar. Every customer journey through your catalogue is unique, and we use advanced data science to determine exactly what each of your customers want to receive at exactly the right time. With our machine learning software completely tailored to your business goals, you can plan and optimize your email calendar around your strategic objectives. The days of creating an email calendar based on intuition alone are long gone.

Learn from Every Email Interaction

Your customers’ preferences change continuously, and we create campaigns that learn from every interaction. In doing so, the content you send to each customer becomes even more relevant over time, ensuring you deliver personalized experiences and offers fine-tuned for every single customer. So treat your customers as the unique individuals they are, and keep them motivated to explore your catalogue further.

Convert Customers into Loyal Audiences

Retailers often focus on the next sale but don’t think beyond that, training their customers to respond to discounts alone. We focus on building long-term relationships rather than just the immediate sale. While immediate revenue is important, it’s just the first step. With our software, you will create trusting relationships with each of your customers that you can leverage for years to grow loyal audiences.

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Retailers increasingly need an advanced approach to email marketing to build stronger customer relationships, generate near-term and long-term sales, and increase revenue. Our email Campaign Optimization solution provides the answer.

Start by downloading our free case study to find out how one Fortune 500 company used our advanced data-driven software to increase revenue by $8.4 million.

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