Infographic: The State of Email in Retail

The State of Email in Retail

There are now 3.7 billion email users worldwide, according to The Radicati Group. To put it in perspective – that’s half the world’s population. Given email’s growth and expansive reach, it’s an ideal time for retailers to take a serious look at their own email programs and determine how innovative their campaigns are. Are you personalizing every email and exposing new and different parts of your catalog? Or are you just mailing it in because email is table stakes in today’s digital world? To answer that – Coherent Path and RSR set out to see how nearly 140 top retailers approach email.

Our report, “Measuring Email’s Effectiveness,” explores how top retailers are faring when it comes to email marketing. The research breaks down specific email elements that could be measured objectively to identify what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not. Specifically, the report highlights the areas in which retailers are over-investing in their subscriber list and where they may be under-investing – ultimately leaving money on the table.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the full report or read some of the media coverage in Internet Retailer, Adweek, MediaPost and more, we’ve laid it all out in a new infographic so you can see how today’s top retail brands stack up – check it out in MarTech Advisor and ask yourself – how do you stack up?

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