How It Works


Campaigns that learn. Strategies that connect.


You’ve got tough questions.
Our software has the answers.

  • What is the right sequence of personalized email outreach to inspire cross-merchandising?
  • What’s the optimal mix of content, products, and categories to feature?
  • What’s the appetite of a customer, or a group of customers, for a given theme?
  • How broad and deep can you go into your product catalog while maximizing engagement?

Our machine learning software develops answers to all these questions – and many more – tailored and personalized around your specific business goals and customer segments.

We don’t just deliver results for one campaign, or craft a single customer journey to the next purchase. For us, immediate revenue is only the first step of a strong, trusting relationship with that customer, which we’ll continue to leverage across months, years and decades. We turn every audience into a loyal audience, who will always to turn to you first.

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Turn your data into tailored email campaigns

Our data-driven solutions deliver content that’s fine-tuned to build engagement, drive loyalty, and increase revenue. By treating each shopper as a unique individual, we keep them engaged and motivated to explore deep into your catalog – while learning from each interaction to serve them content that grows more relevant over time. It all starts when our machine learning software plugs seamlessly into your existing systems, and instantly goes to work.


Here’s what our clients are saying

We pride ourselves on the progress we’ve made to-date in personalization, but always strive to get faster and more accurate. With Coherent Path’s “active learning” algorithm it enables us to dynamically respond to changes in customer behavior in a way that is both faster and more accurate than our previous methods.Jeff Rosenfeld, VP of Customer Insights and Analytics at Neiman Marcus
Coherent Path allows us to better understand each customer’s needs and interests and to deliver personalized offers and experiences that resonate and build trust. As a result, we see increased customer engagement and revenue from Coherent Path-guided campaignsSteve Brown, Chief Operating Officer of