Discover the right rhythms
for your email schedule

Send the right number of emails to each customer, at the right times, with the right messaging. Our software automatically learns with every interaction, discovering the perfect cadence to match your audiences’ ever-changing appetites.


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The Future of the Email Marketing Calendar


The right emails at the right times

Some customers only want one email each week, while others might respond to three emails or more – and those appetites change over time. Our solution keeps learning with every interaction, understanding which emails to send to each customer and the most optimal times to deliver them.


Multiple emails for maximum engagement

Our smart algorithms choose from a library of campaign assets – enabling the software to deliver each email at the moment each customer will be most likely to respond to it.

Keep your subscribers clicking

Our adaptive email cadence makes sure your content always stands out in every customer’s inbox, while ensuring every customer stays engaged with your brand over time.


Easy Integration

Our Frequency Optimization module sits seamlessly on top of our Campaign Optimization software. We simply plug into your existing systems and our smart algorithms go to work instantly.

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