Peer Forum Series

Participate in a collaborative invite-only forum, attended exclusively by elite digital marketers from top US brands. You’ll come away with new peer connections and a wealth of practical, data-driven insights from top retailers and other industry leaders.

Upcoming: New York Peer Forum on October 28

Peer Forum Speakers

Shar VanBoskirk | Forrester Research | Coherent Path
Shar VanBoskirk | VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Why Attend?

"Great interactivity, questions, and conversation with the audience. Presentations were great!"

"I enjoyed the variety of topics covered as it pertains to AI & personalization (internal & external challenges, content development, etc)."

"Small forum, can network, can have open dialogue, niche topic."

"Enjoyed the content, engaging speakers, whitepaper writer who spoke about their positions—half day for FOCUSED session."

"Really liked the application of ideas - made me rethink the way we are doing things, in the best possible way!"

"Real life examples, inspiration to think differently. Discussions about machine learning & personalization."

See Real-World Examples

Top retailers share case studies on how they were able to overcome internal challenges and transform their email programs to be more automated and customer-focused.

Talk Shop with Forrester

Unlike a large conference, these events are intimate and invitation-only. Connect with Forrester and your peers for a half-day of impactful networking and knowledge sharing.

Learn How to Improve Customer Value

Using data gathered from thousands of customer interactions, you'll learn how to balance short-term revenue with long-term customer value.


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I really enjoyed the more technical math piece of the conversation. Managing the diet of what the customer's getting was some really great insights to take away.

Abby Copeland
Email Campaign Manager
Victoria's Secret

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I came to this presentation by Coherent Path because of our strong interest in how we can move our e-mail program forward. We're really excited to start personalizing our emails as much as we can.

Catie Conboy
Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing

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I think this event brought together a diverse set of retailers, very unexpected that they would be keeping each other's company but that was precisely the value of the event.

Shar VanBoskirk
VP, Prinicipal Analyst

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Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Peer Forum in October!