3 Reasons Why Email Is a Great Channel to Get Started with Personalization

In the last few years, omnichannel personalization has been a major priority for marketers in the retail world and beyond. However, implementing omnichannel personalization can be a challenge for even the most sophisticated marketing departments. In our experience working with retailers both large and small, it’s often better to start personalization in the email channel and move out from there. Here’s why…

1. It’s Easy to Measure

Open rates, click throughs, conversions and more: Email comes with straightforward KPIs right out of the box that allow you to easily measure the effectiveness of your personalization initiative in terms of both engagement and revenue. Contrast this to social, which has been around for years yet still inspires countless articles, such as this one from HootSuite, on how exactly you measure its effectiveness.

2. It Allows for Rapid and High ROI

Email drives more revenue than other channels. In fact, a recent Relevancy Group survey found that email delivers as much revenue as all other forms of digital outreach combined. Moreover, personalized email has been shown to deliver a six times higher transaction rate over one-size-fits-all approaches. Taken together, these points demonstrate that you can quickly earn a high ROI when implementing personalization in this channel. Indeed, Coherent Path customers regularly achieve 10:1 ROIs using our Campaign Optimization solution.

3. It’s Logistically Simpler Than Omnichannel

Working with our clients, we’ve found that implementing omnichannel personalization can be a time consuming and logistically complex endeavor. In many organizations, different teams are dedicated to different channels, and getting everyone on the same page can take longer than initially anticipated.

In contrast, email marketing tends to be owned by one team under the leadership of a single person, who can champion projects. Moreover, due to the fast path to value and high ROI offered by the email channel, it’s easier for this person to make a compelling business case for email personalization if they need to get the greenlight from their boss or colleagues.