The Key to Email Marketing Health? A Balanced Content Diet

Email Marketing Health

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How marketers ‘feed’ their customers via email campaigns is akin to a diet – and the goal is to create a balanced one. And like our dietary needs, consumers crave a variety of products and promotions unique to their specific tastes and interests. However, for many retailers, this unfortunately means reinforcing what consumers have already purchased, rather than informing them of what else they might like. Not only does this vanilla marketing approach bore and annoy your email list, it limits the opportunity to sell new and different products, ultimately hurting your brand perception and bottom line.

So, how do we flip this email food pyramid on its head and focus on the needs and wants of each individual consumer? While it sounds nearly impossible, fortunately, there are some fool-proof ways to get started on creating a healthier, more balanced email content diet, and it starts with these five basic food groups, or in this case, principals: Theme selection, test sends, cadence control, reusing and recycling and archiving content.

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