The Email Marketer’s Dilemma


how email marketers are facing more pressure than ever


It seems every retailer is flooding inboxes more than ever before with their marketing messages – and with good reason. Email is proven to deliver the highest return for marketers (source: VentureBeat). With ROI rates as high as 3000 percent, retailers have become addicted to the success of the email channel. As such, the pressure to send more emails to boost awareness and drive revenue has never been higher.

At Coherent Path, we refer to this as “the email marketer’s dilemma.” Email marketers have fallen victim to their own success. But rather than simply increasing email frequency and risk email fatigue, retail marketers need a better way to plan their email calendars – one that takes relevance – and your entire product catalog – into account.

In January 2017, we set out to get a better understanding of how retail marketers are currently planning and executing their email campaigns.

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