Email Frequency


More Isn’t Always Better

How do your email campaigns stack up?


finding The Right Balance

Too many? Too little? How can you ever really know what the magic number is when it comes to email frequency?

While there’s no ‘right’ number, finding a cadence that works for your customers is vital to your email marketing success. Retailers must balance the need to engage with their audience and drive sales against annoying their list with too many emails, unintentionally driving valuable customers away.

Curious how your email program stacks up against the winners in email freqeuncy? Use our Email Engagement Grader to get an in-depth look at the health of your email program and learn how to find the right email frequency, expose more of your product catalog and select the most impactful content in our new email marketing study. 

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Email Marketing Study

By purchasing products from 100 top retailers, we evaluated the amount of personalization in retailers’ emails to new customers within the first 45 days of their purchase vs. their emails to subscribers who have not purchased. Download the study to learn which retailers and verticals are outperforming others. 

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