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For retailers, email remains one of the most reliable digital marketing tools. Yet, many struggle to measure the overall health of their email programs. Because of this, RSR and Coherent Path set out to discover the general practices that can make or break a retailer’s email strategy.

Get your custom report from our Email Engagement Grader and get an in-depth look at the health of your email program. 

Learn how email frequency, catalog exposure and personalized email content impact your email success, which areas top retailers are excelling and falling behind in, and how to improve your email program today.

  • Are you sending more email than other retailers?
  • How long does it take retailers to expose their product catalog?
  • Which verticals are doing the best?
  • How do you move beyond basic email segmentation and deliver personalized email content?

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The Email Engagement Grader

Curious how your email marketing program stacks up against top retailers?

Use our Email Engagement Grader to get an in-depth look at the health of your email program. We’ll deliver a custom Grader report that analyzes your organization’s email frequency, catalog exposure and email content to show you where your email programs are hitting the mark and where there’s room for improvement.

Email Frequency

Email Frequency is all about balancing the need to engage with your audience and drive sales vs. abusing your email list and driving customers away.

The retailers doing it best are…

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Catalog Exposure

Catalog Exposure is the ability to turn a subscriber into an engaged shopper by identifying the topics or categories that are most relevant and interesting to them.

The retailers doing it best are…

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Email Content

Email content is the harmony of email length, the subject line and creative, to the discounts and promotions within – content is king for a reason.

The retailers doing it best are…

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