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Coherent Path Unveils Content Library to Maximize the Value of Every Email

Content Library Empowers Email Marketers to Generate More Revenue from Existing Assets and Identify Under-Exposed Products to Ensure a Healthy Email Diet

Palm Spring, Calif. —eTail West (Booth #615) — February 28, 2017 – Coherent Path, the email marketing calendar company, today announced the availability of its Content Library, a campaign optimization tool that leverages existing email assets to extend the lifespan of and generate maximum revenue from every email. Now available as part of the Coherent Path email marketing calendar platform, the Content Library enables retail marketers to maximize productivity of existing email content and deliver compelling themes individually tuned to each customer’s tastes and moods as they evolve over time.

Creating and designing emails is time-consuming and the average email has just a 17 percent open rate (source: Smart Insights). These emails are typically never used again. In fact, Coherent Path found in a recent survey that 74 percent of marketers create emails to be sent on a single day and never reuse or resend those emails. Coherent Path’s Content Library addresses this pain point by helping retailers generate more life from existing assets. The machine learning solution analyzes all of a retailer’s email content along with transactional data, determining the ideal email to send to each customer, as well as the most optimal day to send it. The technology suggests the products and categories that are missing or under-exposed for each recipient, resulting in deeper and broader catalog email exposure.

“With Content Library, retailers can optimize every email campaign with the confidence that they’re matching topics to the right audiences to generate the biggest impact,” said James Glover, founder and CEO of Coherent Path. “Not only does this enable retailers to go much deeper and broader into the catalog, but it also empowers them to create emails informed by data in advance and store them for future campaigns.”

Learning from every customer interaction, Content Library becomes smarter over time in its recommendations and enables retailers to serve up fresh content that engages every audience while freeing them from relying on discounts and what worked last year. Retailers using Coherent Path’s solution can predict which emails will generate clicks before they’re even designed, building confidence in their customer interactions before hitting the ‘send’ button and helping them generate better ROI from their email marketing efforts.

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About Coherent Path

Coherent Path is the email marketing calendar company for top retailers seeking to transform their email program into a modern data-driven channel focused on revenue. The company’s machine learning solution empowers retailers with the relevant themes and categories they should feature in today’s campaigns while continuously learning to inform the campaigns of tomorrow . By creating an optimized email diet that caters to each customer’s evolving tastes and moods, Coherent Path helps retailers quickly engage and cross-sell customers and promote strategic product categories while reducing email fatigue. Headquartered in Boston, MA. with offices in Toronto, ON Coherent Path works with retail leaders including Neiman Marcus and Staples. For more information, visit, follow Coherent Path on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Editor’s note: this press release originally appeared on BusinessWire