Give Customers What They Want (and What They Don’t Know They Want)

You may like nachos, but after a plate of nachos you probably don’t immediately want any more. Your appetite for nachos is satisfied for the time being. If somebody offered you another plate at that time, you’d probably say, “No, thanks; I just had nachos and my appetite for them is satisfied for the time being.” But tomorrow you may have renewed your hunger for nachos. If this same person offered you nachos then, you’d probably say, “My hunger for nachos is renewed; therefore, I accept your offer. Thank you.” Continuing with this example, let’s say you like food other than nachos. Even food that you don’t know too much about…

What Does It Really Mean to Be Focused on the Customer Journey?

The analytics world has been using the term “journey” as the new buzz word to describe the forward looking, predictive aspect of what a customer could buy. However, are people really looking at the journey or are they simply looking at the next immediate step in that customer’s path?

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IBM Case Study on Coherent Path

Our partner IBM recently published a case study that discusses how we leveraged the IBM InfoSphere Big Insights solution to help us map, personalize and optimize customer journeys for business goals such as loyalty and lifetime value:

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The Dimension Reduction Challenge

The behaviour of an individual can be viewed as a time series of messages received and transactions made. In nearly any problem involving a time series like this there is a tricky problem of dimension reduction.

Imagine we are attempting to understand changing food consumptions tastes over time, perhaps with the goal of encouraging someone to consume a more healthy diet. Well, with 100s of options for each dinner, after a week there are 100,000,000,000,000 possible sequences of meals. It’s easy to see that very quickly you are unlikely to have a large enough sample population to discern much about the sequences in a direct statistical sense!

A Brief History of Boxing Day

While retailers across the United States assess the performance of their recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaigns, marketers in several […]

The Return of Bricks and Mortar Retail

When Amazon, the goliath of online retailing, secures prime retail space in the heart of Manhattan across from the Empire State Building, people start talking.

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