9 Free and Awesome Email Marketing Tools

Nailing the perfect marketing email can be an elusive task. From copy to images to deliverability, there is a lot to cover! With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of free tools that help you check and refine the most crucial elements of your email. Check them out:

Omnichannel Overlooks This Crucial Aspect of the Customer Journey

Since entering the personalization space a few years ago and getting the chance to work with leading retailers across North America, we have noticed that many people talk about omnichannel marketing as though it automatically addresses the customer journey in a positive manner that benefits both customers and the retailers that serve them. This view is not entirely correct.

Why the Brick-and-Mortar Store Is Thriving in the Digital Age

Despite the proliferation of online shopping over the past few years, the brick-and-mortar store remains a vital component of the retail landscape. It’s the preferred point of purchase for most people. And while e-commerce continues to report impressive growth, that growth is slowing. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar still commands the vast majority of retail sales and is likely to continue to do so. However, the line between in-store and online shopping is blurring. In many ways, digital channels compliment the brick-and-mortar store rather than compete with it. Technology facilitates this relationship and personalization can help to drive in-store as well as online sales.

Drive Cross-Sells and Upsells with Data-Driven Email Marketing

Email is rightly considered an essential retention channel. If you’ve won the customer over enough to get their email address, it only makes sense to keep them. But email marketing can be used to do more than just retain customers. It can be used to drive upsells and cross-sells, and build lifetime value through data-driven, personalized outreach.

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