Technical Account Manager


Coherent Path is seeking a talented Technical Account Manager with experience in client communications, project management, data science, and technical email development to join our growing team. This role is a blend of both communication and technical skills. The ideal candidate will be able to both code HTML and to also communicate with clients. You will join our deployment engineering team, which is responsible for setting up new clients in our platform and deploying new features to existing client environments. Your responsibilities will include communicating and coordinating with prospective and existing clients, managing small to medium sized projects, configuring email templates for personalization, and configuring big data pipelines.

Coherent Path is the email marketing calendar company for top retailers seeking to transform their email program into a modern data-driven channel focused on revenue. The company's machine learning solution empowers retailers with the relevant themes and categories they should feature in today’s campaigns while continuously learning to inform the campaigns of tomorrow. By creating an optimized email diet that caters to each customer's evolving tastes and moods, Coherent Path helps retailers quickly engage and cross-sell customers and promote strategic product categories while reducing email fatigue. Coherent Path has offices in Boston and Toronto and works with retail leaders including Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s, and LLBean.

• Communicate and coordinate with prospective and existing clients
• Manage account strategy and performance
• Develop and execute project plans and schedules
• Collaborate with internal development team and services team to fulfill client objectives
• Set up new client environments within our software platform
• Write and templatize HTML email messages that will render properly across a wide range of email clients
• Establish, validate, and maintain big data pipelines
• Work in enterprise applications with their own basic programming languages

Business Requirements
• Intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to learn
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
• Experience managing 4- to 8-month-long projects with a staff of three to six
• Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
• Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
• Attention to detail and a strong commitment to quality
• A flexible work schedule, willingness to occasionally work during off-hours
• A strong technical affinity, ability to quickly learn and use new technologies

Technical requirements
• Experience in the email marketing field
• Adept with HTML, particularly for email messages
• Adept with Python
• Experience with Git
• Experience with big data pipelines and data aggregation
• Undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field
• Experience with one or more data analysis toolkits (pandas, R, or MATLAB)
• Experience with distributed systems (Hadoop or Spark)
• Understanding of authentication and encryption protocols (RSA, PGP, etc.)

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