Email campaigns that optimize themselves

Deliver compelling emails, individually fine-tuned to every customer’s tastes and needs. Boost revenue and engagement right away, and steadily grow both for years to come.


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Campaign Optimization


Content Library

Extend the lifespan of every email and generate maximum revenue from every existing asset. Load your library with tags, start dates and launch dates. Our software then determines the ideal email to send to each customer, as well as the most optimal time to send it.

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Theme Selection

Our machine learning software analyzes all email content in your library, and compares that content against transactional data to suggest under-exposed products and categories. This learning process informs today’s campaigns while creating tailored recommendations for tomorrow.

How It Works

Audience Selection

Our algorithms determine which audiences should receive which sequences of emails – and when. Campaigns automatically learn from every interaction, self-optimizing around your strategic business goals to achieve more effective cross-selling and engagement over time.

A Closer Look at the Science

Review Reports

Track your progress with hard stats on the revenue lift, engagement growth and other KPIs improved by your new optimized email calendar.

Case Studies

Easy Integration

We integrate seamlessly with your email service provider. You’ll never need to run a special application or manually transfer any data. We simply plug into your existing systems and our smart algorithms go to work instantly.

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Here’s what our clients are saying:

It’s fascinating to understand how I might engage with a customer over time, to give them the best experience possible.VP of Marketing, Top 25 North American Retailer
We pride ourselves on the progress we’ve made to date in personalization but always strive to get faster and more accurate. With Coherent Path’s “active learning” algorithm it enables us to dynamically respond to changes in customer behavior in a way that is both faster and more accurate than our previous methods.Jeff Rosenfeld, VP of Customer Insights and Analytics at Neiman Marcus